Art Classes and workshops in the representational style for adults and children in North Port, Florida area

For beginning, intermediate, and professional artists.  Students from 5 years old and older are permitted to attend classes if well behaved.  The supply list is provided for the type of class you are interested in.


Learn color, design,  composition and much more.   Start as a beginner or build upon your skill level.


 Classes are currently offered at:


Hobby Lobby, North Port:   

   Mondays 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. 

   Monday 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

   Wednesday 9:00 to 12:00  All Media

                     4:00 to 6:00 p.m. children's class


Live Oak RV Park, Arcadia, Florida:

   Monday 10:30 a.m. to  2:00 p.m. (open to the public) starts January 16th

Lakeside Plantation Clubhouse, North Port, Florida

   Tuesday 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.  North Port, Florida, off Toledo Blade Blvd

Adult Art Classes:Take the fear out of creating art. Learn to paint  “wet  on wet”, and “dry brush” with success through watercolor paintings, oil paintings, acrylic paintings or mixed media paintings on canvas, Claybord or paper.


Children's art classes:  learn to build on your art skills through drawing, painting and sculpting

Wednesdays: 4:00 to 6:00p.m.  beginners to advance students



   I. Watercolor painting classes
                 A. Learn to push traditional watercolor paintings beyond boundaries
                 B. Explore design, color, value, textures and patterns    
                 C. Informal lectures, discussions, demonstrations and critiques
                 D. Find logical and creative answers to your watercolor painting problem

                 E. Learn to mix colors using a limited palette
                 F. Learn to work in thin glaze layers to build up luminous colors
                 G. Step-by-step illustrations of the painting process
                 H. What makes a good painting

    II.  Mixed Media painting classes

                  A.  A way to express yourself
                 B.  How to be creative by using pastels, ink, markers, crayons, paper, stamping to enhance mixed media paintings
                 C. Shapes within a painting
                 D. Archival processes

    III.   Plein Air Oil or Acrylic painting
               A. Learn principles of design and visual language
               B. Discover technical principles of outdoor painting
               C. Enhance your artistic vision in oil paintings or acrylic paintings
               D. Capture both the sense of place and your feelings about the subject
               E. Express the elements that let you translate your vision
               F. Demonstrations, daily painting on location, group critique and private instruction happens
               G. Understand the land
               H. Design the composition, atmospheric perspective, color, temperature, and value relationships

   IV.  Beginning and Intermediate oil painting classes
             A.  Develop strong processes and techniques
             B.  General methods and techniques of painting
             C.  Basic color terms
             D.  Choice of palette
             E.  Mixing colors, color harmonies and values
             F.  Special effects
             G.  Framing artwork. 
             H.  Demonstrations and critiques

Week long workshops are scheduled in the spring and fall in a local facility, camp, or through your local organization. Fees are based on rent of facility, student fees, and my expenses. Workshops are available to art groups in other areas if pre-scheduled and a contract is signed. Eight students are required to schedule the event. Out-of-town students will be provided a list of motels within the facilities area.  No one brand name of  art supplies or art equipment are required but it is recommended that you buy the best quality you can afford.


Acrylic Paintings Class Supply list

 Paint: paints with * are important 

  Payne’s Gray                                                                     *Burnt Umber 

*Titanium White, large tube                                Raw Umber 

*Ultramarine Blue                                                               Chromium Oxide Green 

 * Raw Sienna                                                                     *Burnt Sienna 

Yellow Ochre                                                                       *Cadmium Yellow medium 

  Cadmium Orange                                           *Cadmium Red 

*Hookers Green                                                                  *Lamp or Ivory Black 

 Acra Violet                                                       Pthalo Blue

 Brushes:  Don’t buy kits but quality brushes.  Brands: Liquitex, American Painter, Master’s Touch, Robert Simmons Signet, M. Grumbacher brands 

Blending Brush: round and #1 inch flat or 2 inch Hake 

Filbert: long-handled #10 and #6

Flat long-handled: size #12 and #8  

Rounds:  #2, , #8, #0 and #5/0 

Script: #1 or #2 

Fan Brush: Pick one size: #3, #6, #8

Palette: "Stay-Wet”, a piece of Plexiglas, disposable Styrofoam plates, or tear off butcher paper sheets

Palette Knife: #13

Canvases: Gallery wrapped stretched canvas "12 x 16" or 16" x 20", Untempered Masonite board or Watercolor paper

Gesso: Liquitex 32 oz. white 

Canvas Gel medium: small bottle

Tool box to carry supplies. Viva paper towel, 7 x 9" sketchbook, #4h drawing pencil, white eraser, newspaper to cover table, two containers or glasses for water.



Oil paintings supplies: 

Paints:   *indicates transparent or semi-transparent 

*Cadmium Yellow                                       Yellow Ochre 

Indian Yellow                                                 Cadmium Red 

*Alizarin Crimson                                        *Sap Green 

Hookers Green                                             Winsor Blue 

Prussian Blue                                              *Raw Sienna 

* Burnt Umber                                             *Ivory Black 

*Titanium White


Brushes: 2 inch, 1 inch flats, #3 and #5 fan, #6 Filbert, Liner, and 1” Oval

Other supplies:

Plastic wrap, Palette paper or Styrofoam plate, Linseed oil,  Brush Cleaning jar, Odorless Turpentine, Palette knife, Viva paper towel or rags,  Black or white gesso, Metal tabletop easel, Canvas  12 x 16", 16 x 20" or 18 x 24 inches for each class, Plastic to cover table, newspaper for floor, Carrying case, toolbox, or bag for supplies and equipment, small spray bottle, stiff toothbrush,




Watercolor Painting Supply List for Bonnie E. Rodgers Class and Workshops 


New Gamboge   or Yellow Ochre            Cadmium Yellow                                    Cadmium Red Light 

Alizarin Crimson                  Permanent Rose                 Ultramarine Blue  

Winsor Blue                              Manganese Blue                 Burnt Umber

Raw Sienna                        Payne's Grey                       Ivory Black     

Titanium White                    Sap Green                                         


Paper:  140 lb,  240 lb, or 300 lb rough or cold pressed watercolor paper

             Brands –d’Arches, Fabriano, Kilimanjaro or Strathmore, or Canson

             Full sheets, 1/2, or 1/4 

Brushes:   1  1/2” flat  

                  1” long hair flat (sable or synthetic) 

                  1/4” flat 

                   Small round sables or synthetic #2, #4, #6

                   Rigger brush or script liner for small detail 

                  One round #20, #30, or #40 

Support:    One 24” x 18” Masonite , Plywood, Plexiglas board, 19” x 24” Masonite, Plywood, or Plexiglas board 

Other Materials: 2 water containers, credit cards parts. Drawing pencil #4b, 9 x 12" or 9 x 7:" spiral sketchbook, Viva paper towel,  salt, masking fluid, blue paint tape, stapler, portable metal esel, plastic for table.

 Outside gear: Folding stool, Carrying bag, Drawing pencils, Small sketchbook 5 x 7 inch, Prismacolor markers 30%, 60%, and 90%, Traveling watercolor box


Oil Painting Class Supply List:

 Lemon Yellow                                          Cadmium Yellow  Medium                       Yellow Ochre   

Cadmium  Red Light                                 Alizarin Crimson                                     Sap Green

Hooker's Green                                       Ultramarine Blue                                     Winsor Blue

Cerulean Blue                                          Titanium White                                        Ivory Black


Flats- #2, #6, #10

Rounds- #6, #4

Filberts - #4, #8 


Canvas: 11 x 14, 12 x 16. 16 x 20 inch

Palette Knife

Palette: wooden, Plexiglas, or disposable styro plates

Oil cup: clips on palette, for turpentine and painting medium

Odorless Turpentine : buy at Lowes or Home Depot

Linseed Oil:

Drawing Pencils:  #4b

Toolbox: for equipment and supplies

Metal Tabletop Easel


Mixed Media Painting List:




Mixed Media Painting Class supply list:








Alizarin Crimson                                Cadmium Yellow                              Ultramarine Blue


Sap or Hooker’s Green                  Burnt or Raw Sienna                    Titanium White




Paint Brushes: #8 filbert, #10 round, #10 fan brush, #0 script brush  (please buy individual brushes rather than set)




Canvas, 140lb. paper, Canvas Pad, or Masonite board




Support board (16” x 20”) to attach paper to




Palette: “Sta-Wet”, a piece of Plexiglas, Tear off papers, or large Styrofoam plates




Other supplies:  plastic tablecloth or newspaper, transfer paper, Ultra-fine Sharpie, Painters Tape 3/4", Slow-Dri, 2 water containers, Viva paper towel or clothes for cleaning, apron, drawing pencils 6b, 4H, white eraser, subject matter, plastic for table, ruler, 9 x 12 inch sketchbook, graph (supplied in class), old tooth brush, brush soap, pliers, mall stick, and table easel, Tool or Tackle box, and a bag for larger things.






Optional Supply List:




Acrylic Matt Mediumfor gluing canvas to Masonite or other materials




Flow Medium:  for watercolor effects  and allowing more blending time




Sand, aluminum foil, Saran Wrap, or a fork for  textural effects












If you have questions call me at 941-201-7007
    e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
































Classes are offered year round. Contact me for exact dates and places.

Class size is limited only by the facility used. Individual lessons available. No supplies provided.

Classes paid for through PayPal, cash or credit card.
Contact Bonnie by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone at 941-201-7007 or 941-201-2978 for further information.